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Words that make your audience feel heard? I got 'em. 

I've been the copywriter behind the curtain for wildly popular coaches like Russell Brunson (including his multi-million dollar launch with Tony Robbins), John C. Maxwell, Elise Darma, and Sarah Petty (who was named one of America's most profitable photographers). 

Since 2016, I've been known as the "copy chameleon" who can slip on well-defined brand voices like a cozy cardigan with minimal direction (blame it on my unique combination of intuitiveness,  decade of experience, and training as an actor). 

If you need someone to seamlessly step in, write up a storm of copy that sounds eerily like it came straight from your brain, and then turn the keys back over to your team, I'm the wordsmith for you.

Julie Chenell

Former VP of Marketing for


“I hired Brittany when I was VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels. We were drowning in copy needs and I knew I needed to find someone who could sound like Russell Brunson. He has a strong voice, so it couldn't be just anyone. A little over a month after starting with us, he asked Brittany to became his exclusive copywriter for all marketing emails."

Erin Verbeck 

Chief Joy Officer for

Photography Business Institute 

“Most writers I’ve worked with have struggled to really nail Sarah Petty's voice in our written communications, but not Brittany. She immediately grasped the target audience and how to communicate effectively with them, whether it be during a launch sequence, nurture sequence or weekly newsletter. Her attention to detail is fantastic and her work is A+."

Kaeli Sweigard

Former Marketing Manager for

Elise Darma

“Brittany is hands down the best conversion copywriter I've ever worked with. Her ability to be flexible and adapt her writing style to your brand voice is SO valuable and appreciated. Spoiler alert:  If your business isn't making the kind of revenue you want, the missing ingredient is Brittany."
Orange Blossom

How To Work With Me

If my knack for cranking out on-brand copy on a dime sounds like Excedrin and dark room for your copywriting headache, let's connect! Fill out the form below and I'll shoot you an email back no more than one business day later.

Getting my wand ready now! I'll email you ASAP

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