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Orange Blossom


By Brittany Abdizadeh

The closest island is a prison 

Full of stunning strangers sporting big grins 

There are no walls and there are no gates 

Only trapped there by their desire for a taste 

Every second a new wave hits the shore 

Then carries out to sea the bones of the worn

It's a factory just missing the smoke 

They stare at a mysterious clock, waiting for it to stroke 

The theory is this is how you make it out 
Be patient, wait for your turn, and don't ever shout 

But poison is subtle, it doesn't make a sound

Soon the group is thinner, there's more to go around 

And so into the ocean I'll swim 

Choosing the company of fish over those who pretend 

Now it's just the horizon and me

Taking our chances with the deep blue sea 


By Brittany Abdizadeh

Said with sugar gritting on teeth  

Said with the subtlety of a great thief


Said with too much pink wine

Said to wash a wound with brine 


Said to stoke a fire in a heart  

Said to wash hands of playing any part 


Said with a rip current of jealousy 

Said with opinions vast like the sea 


Said with a nonchalant breeze 

Said to slice rumors off at the knees 


By Brittany Abdizadeh

If your heart was a show 

Everyone in town would go  


The only place to be 

It’s standing room only 


If your heart was a bar 

It would be lit up like a star


Impossible to ignore 

Everyone wants in the door


The line is down the street 

There are blisters on my feet 


Everyone has a story 

Everyone wants a piece of the glory 


Standing room only 

Yet somehow still lonely


In the back there’s a velvet rope 

In front of it some people just hope


If you’re picking VIPs

Will one of them be me?


I see it in your eyes 

A look you can’t disguise 


You didn’t pick this song and dance 

Now everyone fights for a glance 


We can’t all be number one 

I feel myself coming undone 


In the place everyone wants to be 

It’s standing room only


By Brittany Abdizadeh

One heart 

Two parts 


One flame 

Two of the same 


One look 

Forever hooked 

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